Maha - First Year Med Student

We love equipping people who are pursuing great things with everyday items they need to be successful. Maha, a first year medical school student, embodies the very idea of #DaameStrong. She has been sharing her journey via Youtube and her videos inspire people to take on any challenge they face. We wanted to highlight her passion and introduce her story to our community.

Daame laptop bag mahadotcom Close up of Daame Midi Tote Hello world, I’m… An Egyptian Philadelphian taking on my first year of med school! Two months in and still surviving!

In a few sentences how would you describe the first two months of med school? Coming into medical school, I was extremely nervous about the competitive and stressful environment. To my surprise, I have been absolutely wrong so far! My class is filled with diverse, kind, and motivated individuals who want to share their success with others. We work hard and play hard (and sleep hard when we can!)

How did you get into the field/profession you are in? Surprisingly, I didn’t always know I wanted to be a doctor. In fact, it wasn’t until a few months before beginning that I was absolutely certain this was the field for me. After undergrad, I began working at Janssen Pharmaceuticals of Johnson & Johnson in the Translational Research Department. I had exposure to the clinical side of medicine during my time at J&J and realized my interests lied in patient care. I decided to apply to med school and thought to myself, “if it’s meant to be, it’ll happen.” Turns out, it was meant to be and I have never felt more fulfilled.

What music/playlists do you listen to when you're studying? Music plays a huge role in my study sessions! If I am studying to memorize, I love listening to classical music. The "Gentle Classical: From Dusk Till Dawn" playlist on Spotify is one of my favorites. If I am just reviewing materials or taking notes, I jam out to soft pop and Arabic music!

What does your ideal night in after a long week of studying look like? Post-exam time is blissful (and rare). After washing the dishes that have piled up over the week, I usually do some grocery shopping with my roommate and cook up a nice dinner. I also catch up on my regular shows, including Grey’s Anatomy and This Is Us. #TeamJack

leather laptop tote

What is something about you that most wouldn't assume? I am a huge sports fan! From Egyptian soccer to the Philadelphia Eagles. On game day, you’re either with me or against me!

Who is someone you admire? Easiest question ever- my mom! She does it all for my family with a smile on her face. It is my dream to give it all back to her.

daame laptop bag flatlayWhat’s in my bag? Everything I need to help me succeed in med school. From the classroom to the clinic, this bag holds it all! That includes my MacBook Pro, Littman stethoscope, iPhone, daily planner, pouch of PaperMate InkJoy pens, wallet, FirstAid sack, lotion, Burts Bees chapstick, water bottle and Beats headphones.

My favorite thing about my bag is… How it helps me stay organized in the midst of my chaotic life! I know where all of my necessities are thanks to the construction of the pockets. I just reach in, and grab what I need! Did I mention how cute it is?!

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