About Us

At Daame, we are passionate about inspiring and equipping women who are pursuing great things every day. We create beautiful, enduring and useful items that enhance everyday life — because life can be challenging so products you use every day should be easy and delightful.

Daame Making-of

We started our design process by discussing wish-lists and pain points with fellow professionals. The feedback was unanimous.

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Community Voices

"Progress isn’t always linear, although it’s part of the larger process. Since the biggest challenge I face in that moment is not giving up –progress is when I don’t give up."

PhD Candidate/Researcher

"It was in college that I learned that it is absolutely okay to feel lost at times. What matters, most importantly, is what you can do to improve your situation."

Psychology Student

"I love what I do because I get to describe the things people take for granted - like workarounds they don't realize they have created to deal with a solvable problem."

Experience Researcher/Strategist