Founder of The Brand Market, Anna Liesemeyer

Founder and creative mind behind The Brand Market and blog In Honor of Design, gives us a glimpse into her laptop tote of choice and how she keeps her crazy beautiful life in check. styles daame

leather laptop tote styled by In Honor of Design

daame tote x ihod

Hello world, I'm Anna Liesemeyer, founder of The Brand Market and lifestyle blogger behind In Honor of Design. I am always juggling one too many creative endeavors, and live a crazy life, but I wouldn't change any part of it! I live with my husband Gabe and three little ones Gabriel, Veronica, and Max.

I live in Cumming, Georgia.

I love being the first one up and out on the porch with a cup of coffee, eating at new places, traveling to see friends, and of course I love my family more than anything this world has to offer.

I never leave the house without a cell phone, sunnies, and snacks for the little ones!

My favorite guilty pleasure after a long day is watching movies with my husband Gabe, preferrably with Talenti Gelato. :)

If I could go back in time and meet my girl-self, I would tell her to walk with more confidence and smile often. Ask a question to everyone you meet. Everyone has a story. Don't be too hard on yourself. Set your goals high but not out of reach. Invest in people who invest in you, but don't be afraid to do kind things for someone who may not be able to offer you anything in return. Authenticity is your best quality so fight for it. And someday you are going to meet a really cute Rugby player. He's worth the wait.

My next adventure... Traveling to a town in Florida with my husband to celebrate our 6th anniversary. We have no plans, just the open road, a new place, and lots of time to beach bum and explore. Can hardly wait. :)

What's inside Daame leather laptop tote

What's in my leather laptop tote? Notebook, laptop, at least three lip balms or lipsticks, pack of gum, cell phone, cord taco and charger, glasses, shades, pens, nailpolish, snacks for the kids, camera (not pictured), pocket mirror, tweezers, and wallet.

What does your DAAME tote allow you to do(or go)? I had the hardest time finding a bag that comfortably fit my laptop in a secure way without looking obnoxious or floppy. My DAAME bag allowed me to not only comfortably fit my laptop, but all the rest of my purse necessities as well so I no longer have to travel with two to three bags with different purposes, and I can travel easier and lighter!

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