Founder of The Brand Market, Anna Liesemeyer

Anna's Daame leather laptop tote

The creative mind behind The Brand Market and blog, In Honor of Design gives us a glimpse into her laptop tote of choice and how she keeps her crazy beautiful life in check.

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Infographic: What kind of bag lady are you?

Infographics work tote bags

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Customer YanYan profile

Multi-disciplinary designer, cat whisperer and early DAAME member, YanYan gives us the snoop on her life and what's in her meow approved and puurrfectly utilitarian tote.

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Cover of Brittany styling the DAAME leather laptop tote

We were delighted to catch up with Brittany, one of our early members, fellow girl-geek and frequent traveler to get the snoop on her daily designer life, drool-worthy artwork and cool gadgets.

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The journey to the factory floor

drafting the leather laptop tote

The journey on designing the perfect laptop tote began almost a year ago when we discovered other women shared our frustration in finding a beautiful work-friendly bag. After many discussions on current pain-points and future wish-lists, we started our design process by putting pen to the whiteboard.

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