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Daame was born out of the core principle that every product we create should help simplify your life. Our collection of bags are made for the woman on-the-go, the quirky, smart, cool and sassy - so that you can focus on more important things like conquering your next Everest.

Bye bye black hole.
Hello Command+F.

Thoughtful, intuitive spaces and self-standing structure allows you to beautifully organize and locate your daily essentials.

Daame laptop bag intuitive interior

Daame laptop tote exterior pocket
Commuter-friendly exterior pocket.

Strategically placed for maximum usability, quickly and easily access your most-used items while keeping your sights ahead.

Straps 2 ways.
For hands-free mobility.

Durable, comfortable, adjustable and detachable. We love choices and so do our shoulders.

Daame tote strap highlights

Daame black leather Daame gray leather Daame brown leather Daame tan lining

Regal & resilient.

High-quality, lightweight, innovative materials made tough for every season, in & out of work.

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