Laura, Lead Rebel of Tiny Rebels

Laura, founder of Tiny Rebels was one of the first to discover Daame and snag a tote during our launch early last year. We caught up with her a year later to get her perspective on work, life and see what's in her tote.

Laura from Tiny Rebels in New YorkLaura from Tiny Rebels Sitting

Hello world, I'm Laura Beck, a Northern Michigan girl living in Brooklyn. Founder & Lead Rebel of Tiny Rebels, a branding shop specializing in building identities for start ups. I love finding the cutest streets in new places. My favorite season is happening now!

I never leave the house without a bright lipstick - Sometimes I need to be more put together instantly.

Coffee or tea? Black coffee.

My guilty pleasure after a long day is red wine, a spicy margarita from Fonda, a manicure or all three!

Tiny Rebels Design Work 1Tiny Rebels Design Work 3Tiny Rebels Design Work 2
Packaging, design, event pamphlet and structural graphics design.

About why you do the work you do. My parents always told me that if you do what you love it will never feel like work—which is mostly true, but some days just feel like work. Ha! I have the ability to work from anywhere as long as I have internet and can chat with my team. I travel a lot which keeps me engaged and inspired.

Design is problem solving. Clients come to us with a design problem and we get to solve it in a beautiful way... I love that! Every day is a new challenge and a new opportunity and that's what I need in a career.

We may be tiny, but we are mighty.

On getting unstuck. Sometimes I consult my team and we will have a brainstorm sesh otherwise I will take a step back from it for a day and focus on doing something unrelated. I love cooking and I never follow recipes exactly (maybe that is partly my rebellious side)— it's another creative outlet for me and I feel relaxed which helps me think differently about projects. Listening to my favorite song on repeat helps sometimes, too!

On the meaning behind the name 'Tiny Rebels'. I had come across a quote that I loved, "Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence" and it just stuck with me. I didn't want my business name to be obvious—it's a conversation piece and that's exactly how I wanted it!

We treat every project as its own tiny rebellion. We help clients find their visual voice to stand out.

On the highs and lows of work. The highest of the highs is seeing your work in the real world, watching thousands of people engage with it and knowing it was a successful solution to your client's problem. A bonus is being able to share it with family and friends. I love helping to make the world a prettier place.

But, it is a roller coaster! As a business owner of a start up it is easy to bring work home with you. I feel the pressure of always needing to be connected. It is hard to turn off work completely and take weekends, but it is necessary to feel rejuvenated, so I'm working on it!

On looking ahead. I'm excited to continue growing Tiny Rebels and setting new brands out into the world. Also, I'm working on a social good business which I can't wait to share with the world!

Laura What's in my Daame Bag

What's in my bag? Macbook pro, notebooks, sharpies, pens, pencils, reading material—currently 'Steve Jobs', iPhone, business cards, keys, chargers, my pink hair bow, Rosebud lip balm, NARS Annabella lipstick, cosmetics bag, wallet, Metro card, glasses (for computer use only) and sunglasses. Not pictured: some sort of sweet treat.

Check out Laura's's bag or all laptop bags for women.

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