Hither & Thither with Ashley Bruhn

Receiving a post notification from Hither & Thither is like your kindred friends texting you to come out for coffee. From topics about travel destinations (tested and approved with two kids in tow), style inspirations (who hasn't pondered about bang or no-bangs?) and modern parenting - Ashley knows how to start a lively conversation around things that real-life women deal with, aspire to and love to talk about.

We caught up with Ashley to get a glimpse into her day-to-day work-life, tips on traveling with family and what she looks forward to.

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Hello world, I'm Ashley and I write the travel and lifestyle blog, Hither & Thither. The site has a bit of everything that interests me—thoughts on modern parenting, style inspiration, and travel—mixed with personal stories and original photos.

I never leave the house without my iPhone.

Coffee or tea? coffee (or, rather, cappuccino).

My guilty pleasure after a long day is ice cream: peanut butter chocolate Haagen-Daaz or Three Twins Mint Confetti are my favorites.

Ashley using Daame laptop tote

On working out of the office My office is at home—where it's so easy to be distracted by or give into temptation to go play with my daughter in the next room. So I usually try to leave the house when I really need to focus. The challenge is having everything I need with me. I've learned to carry along a mouse, noise-canceling earbuds, and a spare battery. I've also just made my phone a hot-spot to remove the coffee shop slow-Wifi variable.

On work-life balance There's no clear end to the day with what I do. It can be a luxury—the flexibility!—or a trap. I'm constantly trying to figure out the best way to set boundaries.

On traveling with the family The obstacles to traveling with young ones can seem tremendous, but I’ve found that it’s all worth it. Their curiosity is infectious and travel is an opportunity for everyone to break routine and be together, seeing something different.

On choosing travel destinations I don’t think you have to choose kid-specific destinations for children to be happy, but I do think it’s helpful to realize that their interests don’t change just because you’re somewhere new. Seek out situations that balance what you want to do with their interests, and that allow you to say “yes” to them more than you have to say “no.” We loved visiting Mexico City earlier this summer—what an incredible place. But we focused on the markets and street life, the churros and the plazas with fountains rather than the art museums. Another time!

On looking ahead I want to feel challenged and stimulated by work; and I want to be able to put it aside to be really present with my family and appreciate everything about these two little kids of mine.

Hither & Thither what's in my bag

What's in my bag? Wallet, iPhone, keys, sunglasses, notebook, planner, pen, water, headphones, chargers (and often a handful of receipts, something sweet, and a pack of baby wipes).

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