Lauren Kelp, A Thoughtful Morning

Mornings are hectic and a workday-sit-down meal rarely, if ever happen. If you're like us, the most important part of the day's meal succumb to the quick grab (or a quick drive-thru). Coffee, grab. Chocolate doughnut, grab. Swipe card, done.

Lauren, a refreshingly witty entertaining blogger behind Lauren Kelp has the uncanny ability to cut through the junk (literally) and put together recipes that are simple, thoughtful and always merit a great experience. So, we challenged her to create a workday-on-the-go breakfast for us doughnut-grabbers.

Lauren Kelp with Daame bag crossing street

Lauren Kelp with Daame bag walking

Lauren Kelp with Daame bag

Hello world, I'm Lauren, a Chicago-based entertaining blogger. I believe that entertaining doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to be thoughtful!

I love a good dinner party, red wine, french fries, a great laugh, and being surrounded by the people I love.

I never leave the house without red lipstick, a snack, and a notebook.

My guilty pleasure after a long day is indulging in a nice bath with a good book and a glass of wine.

If I could go back in time and meet my girl-self, I would tell her that dying her hair burgundy isn't as cool as you think it is and to never loose her spunk! Keep pushing, keep challenging things you don't understand, and keep striving to make a change in the world around you.

Lauren Kelp green smoothie recipe

Lauren Kelp blending green smoothie

Breakfast on-the-go recipe The tried and true favorite for a truly nutritious and hydrated morning.

The Green Goonie

2 cups of frozen pineapple chunks
2 cups fresh or frozen mango chunks
1 cup light coconut milk
A big handful of baby spinach
*honey to taste

Chop and combine all ingredients in a blender and mix until your desired consistency. Pour your smoothie in a to-go cup and jeté out the door. (You can view more smoothie recipes on her blog.)

Lauren Kelp what's in my bag

What's in my bag? A million times more than what is shown! The question is really - what isn't in my bag! The laptop is constant, so are the business cards, headphones, zippy full of lipstick, sassy sunnies, and my favorite breakfast smoothie!

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