Lindsey Engh, Co-founder of Impact Hub Seattle

Lindsey, Co-founder of Impact Hub Seattle, a co-working space and incubator for start-ups shares her biggest challenges and learnings, advice for budding entrepreneurs and her new found love of cyclocross racing.

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Hello world, I'm Lindsey, Co-Founder and Managing Director at co-working space and community incubator, Impact Hub Seattle.

I live in Seattle, Washington.

I love a delicate Jasmine Pearl tea, t-shirt cycling weather, an excellent non-fiction, my bike, my darling boyfriend, going to bed early and waking up even earlier (4am!), dancing and a cozy gray Seattle day spent curled up reading.

I never leave the house without my bike helmet.

My favorite guilty pleasure after a long day is take-out!

This past year, I discovered a love for cyclocross racing and jumpsuits.

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Looking back on your entrepreneur journey, what were some of your biggest learnings? My biggest challenge has been the realization that most great learnings occur organically. I'm impatient and a perfectionist, so it was incredibly frustrating to not see what I was working on come to fruition right away. I learned that it is the culture we live in that demands instant success; the type of success I eventually realized I wanted and was meaningful to me was a success that can only come from building something of value that has longevity and that can only happen from time spent listening, learning, and iterating. My biggest lesson as an entrepreneur: hire for your weaknesses! Know what you're good at and then hire quality people for everything else.

What advice would you share with others starting out on this route? Be brave. Have fun. Celebrate the little successes so you aren't bogged down by the seemingly impossible larger tasks. Build a good team. Everything in life is about the relationships that you build, so be good to others along your journey.

What are some of your goals? My goals are fairly simple: let every action be a chance to feel proud of myself and to have many, many small and big goals throughout the course of my life!

What's in your bag? Laptop, Ray-Bans, day planner, a least 2-3 pens (of which I always seem to lose), a couple of New Yorker magazines, tea bags, my phone, my latest book, wallet, highlighter, bike lights, a workout outfit, Aquaphor and at least 2-3 kinds of lipstick (which I always seem to lose).

What do you love about your bag? It prioritizes form and function equally and I love pretty things.

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