Designer & Hand Lettering Extraordinaire, Jessica Crowell

We caught up with the artfully polished designer behind the gorgeous hand lettering seen on Coco & Mingo to get the snoop on her life and what's in her daily tote.

Coco&minog loves daame styles daame tote

Jessica's beautiful hand lettering

Hello world, I'm Jessica, a Brooklyn-based blogger (Coco & Mingo) and designer. I specialize in hand lettering and curating pretty things together. I'm originally from Hawaii, my favorite season is Fall, and I love a good surf session.

I live in Brooklyn, New York.

I love being present and appreciating each moment exactly as it is.

I never leave the house without curled lashes and mascara. Oh, and my Metrocard (#NYCproblems).

My favorite guilty pleasure after a long day is indulging in some Talenti Mediterranean Mint Gelato, and watching something hilariously funny on Netflix.

If I could go back in time and meet my girl-self, I would tell her to trust that everything will work out the way it's meant to be. To push through and follow her dreams no matter what struggle she encounters, because there's a bigger picture, and in that bigger picture, the possibility of her dreams coming true exist.

Jessica shares what's inside her Daame leather laptop tote

What's in my bag? Way more than what is pictured: Always got my Kindle, journal or notepad and pen, iPhone, Altoids smalls (way better than regular Altoids), Ellovi lip butter, laptop (when needed), sunglasses and case, hand sanitizer, oil blotting tissues, wallet, iPod, makeup, daily vitamins.

I love the DAAME tote because it's perfect for meetings when I need to bring my laptop along. Instead of having to carry two bags, I can just carry one bag - with my laptop and all the other necessary things I usually have in my purse!

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