Weekly Wardrobe: Powerful Impact of Color

Did you know the color you wear can affect your mood as well as those around you? Various colors evoke different emotions due to how we perceive the behavior of that color in nature. In fact, color psychology have been used for years to sway voters during the campaign trail to the interviewer during a job interview.

We put together three work outfits inspired by key colors we should all have in our closet - for the sake of science, of course.

Workwear with camo belt

Words that describe the color blue include: trust, loyalty, wisdom and peace. Blue is a calming color (i.e. sky) and sends out a signal to your co-worker, client and/or the potential interviewer that you are indeed honest and sincere. According to a CareerBuilder survey taken by nearly 3,000 hiring managers and human resource professionals, navy blue was the top recommended color as it conveyed a sense of confidence and being a team player. White and gray were also favorites for the survey takers for it represented organized, logical and analytical thinking.

workwear with polka-dot top

Black is seen as a power color and wearing black can give off the perception of being powerful, having aggression or even arrogance. Black also implies self-control and discipline and when worn as the dominant color in an ensemble can give off the air of sophistication and authority (that is unless you're at a rock concert which goes to prove context matters). Black is one of the most economical colors to buy as it can be easily matched with any color and pattern.

workwear with floral print

Orange is a mix of red's passion and yellow's joy. Research has found that orange increases oxygen supply to the brain and stimulates brain activity. Incorporating this color palate to a wardrobe can get ideas flowing and incite enthusiasm from teammates at your next brainstorming session.

Among many things that impact our mood, color is a fun and simple way to wear your emotions on your sleeve, literally. Do you consider color psychology when dressing for work?

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