Vlogging With Christine Nguyen

We have to admit, one of our favorite past times is watching vloggers we love share their latest discoveries, tips and hacks. Christine Nguyen is one of those vloggers that we can't get enough of - she's got a killer vinyl record collection (mostly of musicians we've never heard of but will now be in our Spotify queue), a green thumb, simple beauty tips that we can actually replicate and an arsenal of great recommendations and stories. So naturally, we asked her to give us the scoop on what's in her daily bag.

Laptop tote on Christine

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Hello world, I'm Christine Mai Nguyen.

I live in Long Beach, California.

Must-go place in my city is Retro Row down 4th street. There are a ton of cute mid-century modern antique shops, fun bars and restaurants.

Favorite discovery this past year was Glossier! I've been a lot more excited about my skincare routine because of their Phase 1 Set.

I never leave the house without my keys, phone, wallet and sunglasses, basically everything that fits in my clutch.

My guilty pleasure after a long day is watching chick flicks, eating ice cream and applying face masks.

If I could go back in time and meet my girl-self, I would tell her, you do you.

What's in my bag? If I'm going to work, I usually carry as much as I can. Laptop, charger, earbuds or headset, Moleskine weekly planner, pens, keys, phone, wallet (I keep these things in my clutch), Illesteva 'Boca' sunglasses in Kiwi, Trader Joe's 'Head to Toe Balm’, Listerine, Advil, floss, eyedrops (emergency things) and a little pouch for my feminine products. I also have a little bell for a bike but that's for a friend.

I love my Dana tote because it's so buttery soft! And navy is my favorite color. :-)

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