Multi-disciplinary designer, cat whisperer and early DAAME member, YanYan gives us the snoop on her life and what's in her meow approved and puurrfectly utilitarian tote.

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Hello world, I'm YanYan, a multi-disciplinary designer, creative problem-solver and self-proclaimed cat whisperer. Currently, I'm working as an Associate Creative Director at VSA Partners.

I live in Chicago, Illinois.

I love cats, Danish furniture, 80's music, good food and cocktails.

I never leave the house without wearing shoes.

My favorite guilty pleasure after a long day is playing video games.

If I could go back in time and meet my girl-self, I would tell her "Hey girl."

My next adventure... every day is an adventure. =)

YanYan shares what's inside her Daame leather laptop tote

What's in my bag? iPhone, keys + brass bottle opener keychain, gum, business cards + case, Contax T2 film camera, pocket knife, wallet, portable/car/wall charger, chapstick, sunglasses, book, key card, cat pouch (to house all my chargers and cables), pen, notebook, MacBook Pro and an iPad mini.

I love the DAAME leather laptop tote because it's strong enough for a man, but made for a woman, haha. But really, I love that you can carry around a lot of stuff and there's a nice little place for everything inside. The bag is totally utilitarian but at the same time stylish and feminine.

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