We were delighted to catch up with Brittany, one of DAAME's early members, fellow girl-geek and frequent traveler to get the snoop on her daily designer life, drool-worthy artwork and cool gadgets.

Customer Brittany Staten styles DAAME

Brittany's leather laptop tote close-up

Brittany's artwork

Hello world, I'm Brittany, visual designer at CareZone and self proclaimed girl geek.

I live in Seattle, Washington.

I blog at Picas and Pixels.

I love lemon poppyseed tea cake from Tartine.

I never leave the house without wearing a watch.

My favorite guilty pleasure after a long day is building something with lego.

If I could go back in time and meet my girl-self, I would tell her 'Please, don't forget to water your plants!'

The best discovery this past year was once you start tracking your coffee consumption, it will make you seriously consider to start drinking decaf.

Brittany shares what's inside her leather laptop tote

What's in my bag? MacBook Pro, notebook, coin purse, wallet, iPhone, Oribe dry spray, iPod, keys, candy, android phone, cords, glasses, lipstick, pens, sketchbook, and three iPad stylus.

I love the DAAME tote because this bag holds a remarkable amount of stuff! It has worked perfect as a carry on for work trips to San Francisco. The top zipper is like butter and super soft interior keeps all my devices protected.

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