The journey to the factory floor

The journey on designing the perfect laptop tote began almost a year ago when we discovered other women shared our frustration in finding a beautiful work-friendly bag. After many discussions on current pain-points and future wish-lists, we started our design process by putting pen to the whiteboard.

drafting the Daame leather laptop tote

Daame in Los Angeles

In a small factory hidden in the heart of LA, we were incredibly fortunate to meet artisans who carry generations of know-how and a passion for the art of crafting beautiful leather goods. They hold great pride in their work and showed us their tools which have been molded into their hands after years of working with them in their unique rhythm and technique. Some of their tools are now one-of-a-kind.

Tools for making the leather laptop tote

Cutting the leather for the leather laptop tote

We tested each leather for its hand(how it feels), its resilience(we’re going to be throwing this bag around so it was important that the material was well suited for the urban jungle) and of course, for its beauty. The final leather we chose came halfway across the world from Italy with all the qualities we wanted.

Black leather for the leather laptop tote

Finished leather laptop totes

The finishing touches on the totes for April shipment are currently underway and they will be ready to ship early next week! It’s a beauty and we hope you love it as much as we do…

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