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Anh Sundstrom

Anh, the uber-stylish blogger behind the sought-after 9to5chic shows us how style can walk the workway and gives us a peek inside her DAAME laptop tote.

9to5chic styles daame laptop tote

9to5chic styles daame laptop tote

9to5chic styles daame laptop tote

Hello world, I'm Anh from 9to5Chic. Marketing director, blogger, mommy and wife.

I live in San Francisco, California.

I love shopping.

I never leave the house without my iPhone.

My favorite guilty pleasure after a long day is a glass of chardonnay, a long bath or a fashion magazine. If it's a *really* long day, then all three simultaneously.

If I could facetime anyone, it would be my daughter. I miss her even when I'm away for just a little bit!

If I could go back in time and meet my girl-self, I would tell her that everything happens for a reason.

The best discovery this past year was that motherhood is exactly as it's been described to me: incredibly challenging but worth every second.

9to5chic styles daame laptop tote

What's in my bag? iPhone, wallet, keys, lipstick, MacBook Air, work folders, slim projector and cords/remote, laser pointer, notebook, pen, bottle of water, phone charger, flats and sunglasses.

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